This online workshop is a great way to have a good time with your team while getting to know them outside of the office.

A few days before the workshop, participants will receive a list of ingredients to buy for the workshop (or the option SASASA box includes delivery). The day of the activity, each participants will meet prepared and ready to create their very own signature cocktail.

A SASASA expert in the art of cocktail called Mixology will host the session and guide, advise the team. While preparing the dish, the team will be faced with a little quiz and challenge to « spice » things up a bit. At the end of the session, the team will enjoy sip by sip their unique beverage though the magic of their screens.

Total time: +/- 1h – 1h30 (animation + tasting) – Adaptable timing
Minimum 10 people

– The presence of a SASASA Expert in mixology

– Possibility of cocktail or mocktail (version without alcool)

– Live preparation and coordination
– Technical assistance during the workshop
– The sending of recipe/technical cards

The online cocktailing workshop can either be given in french or english.

OPTIONS (only in Brussels)
– Box SASASA + : Preparation and delivery of ingredients


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