Looking for a Team Building activity which follows the on-trend “Do-It-Yourself” philosophy? Wanting your employees/friends to rediscover the taste of homemade manual works?

Thanks to “Les Débrouillardes” you will challenge your manual skills while learning the Do It Yourself basics. As a team, be the first to build a wooden furniture item, to connect an electrical circuit, to properly fix a mirror … But careful: make sure to use the appropriate tools in the right situation ! Many challenges to come J.

Our advantages?

  1. A unique combination of both fun and practical aspects in Belgium.
  2. Activities to learn how to handle manual worries of everyday life.
  3. The fashion of “Do-It-Yourself” revisited for all.

Our Teambuilding : a resourcefulness tournament

Our workshops aim to challenge several teams across manual challenges. Each team divides its members in the different workshops that are, depending on the number of participants:

–          1 “Electricity” workshop:

  • Theory : My electrical installation
  • Challenge : Who will  be the fastest to connect an electrical circuit? (breaker – switch – lamp)

–          1 « drill & screw » workshop:

  • Theory : How to drill and screw to fix my objects
  • Challenge : Which team will best fix heavy objects while choosing the correct material?

–          1 « Fabrication of wooden furniture » workshop:

  • Theory : The basics of carpentry
  • Challenge : Who will be the best to build a wooden furniture item according to the given plan instructions?

–          1 « plumbing » workshop:

  • Theory : My sanitary installation
  • Challenge : Who will  be the fastest to detect and seal a water pipe leak ?

During each workshop, and after a basic theoretical education, members of each team will compete in a manual challenge given by the teacher.

At the end of the workshop, all the members of the teams gather around a final quiz which will designate the final winning team of the tournament.

Les Débrouillardes in brief :

“Les Débrouillardes” organize “Do It Yourself” lessons and Team Building activities to learn the basics’ of drilling, electricity, tiling, painting, plumbing and carpentry. The objective of our activities is to teach anyone how to deal with the daily manual worries. A real time and money saving!


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