Taste Challenge: ignite the atmosphere at the table!

This is a very original culinary game that is played on a table and in teams.

Before the meal, our specialist presenter presents a dozen drinks that can accompany the meal (several red wines, white wines, rosés, typical special beers, soft, …). It sounds like a kind of interactive presentation on the associations of food and wine and other beverages, as well as on the general rules of flavors, …

Once the presentation is done; We start the meal, consisting of 4 to 5 preparations quite typical (flavors dominated sometimes acidulated, salty, spicy, rich and then finally sweet – we can offer catering, or agree with your caterer).

For each table (team), the game consists of estimating which drink best accompanies each of the preparations.

At the end of the meal, the facilitator determines the winning team.

The facilitator can make more or less ‘present’ between each tasting, according to the objective of the evening.


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